Flora of Ricketts Glen Project
Hiker's Guide to the Woody Plants of Ricketts Glen
List of 416 species identified as of 1 June 2020
Species List by Family
Descriptive Data 1 June 2020

Polemonium van-bruntiae
Appalachian Jacob's Ladder (18 Jun 18)

Spiranthes cernua
Nodding Ladies' Tresses (14 Sep 18)

Pontederia cordata
Pickerel Weed (8 July 2019)

Sagittaria latifolia
Duck-Potato (9 August 2019)

Solidago flexicaulis
Zig-Zag Goldenrod (15 September 2019)

Diphasiastrum digitatum
Running Pine (16 July 2019)

George P. Chamuris, Ph.D
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Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
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Updated 1 June 2020.