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Department of Biological & Allied Health Sciences
115 Hartline Science Center
400 East Second Street
Bloomsburg, PA 17815-1301
(570) 389-4400

Dr. Angela Hess

Allied Health Programs Coordinator:
Dr. Judith Kipe-Nolt

Graduate Coordinator:
Dr. Thomas Klinger

Master of Science Program in Biology

Program Coordinator: Dr. Thomas Klinger

The Master of Science program provides advanced training in biological science. Whether currently employed as a biologist or teacher, planning to pursue employment in a biological field, or intending to enter a doctoral or professional program in biology, a solid grounding in advanced biology is essential. Our program offers opportunities for study at the supraorganismal, organismal, cellular, and molecular levels of biology.

A broad array of disciplines is represented among the faculty, allowing considerable flexibility in the selection of independent research topics. Thesis research may be carried out on campus, or at an off-campus site.

Summary of MS Program Options in Biology