Contest location: (41.006763, -76.449797)

Campus Map

Unloading People and Gear

The best route for most schools will be I-80 to the LightStreet exit. From there, take Route 487 South towards Bloomsburg. Turn left onto campus at the intersection (Swisher Drive). Signs to the event will be posted along the way.

Follow signs to East Second Street and go about a quarter mile to Schuyler Drive on your right. From there, it is only a few hundred feet to the Kehr Union loading dock. You will see open doors leading into the contest registration area. The Kehr Union appears in yellow near the lower-left part of the campus map

Parking Vehicles After Unloading

After unloading, drivers will park in the Orange Lot on Upper Campus. To get there, continue along Schuler Drive, go south on Osana Drive, right onto Penn Street, and then right (North) onto Route 487 again. When you have reached the intersection at Swisher Drive where you originally entered campus, turn left onto Upper Campus and follow signs to the Orange Lot. Upper Campus is shown at the top of the campus map, and the Orange Lot adjoins Hutchinson Field (very top of the map).

No parking permits are needed. When you have parked your vehicle(s), return to Lower Campus on the BU Shuttle. There is a shuttle pickup location right across from the Orange Lot. The shuttle starts to run at 7:30 AM. Exit at Centennial Hall (the first drop-off point). From there, it is a short walk to the Kehr Union.