How to Register

  • Stage 1. You may register up to 8 teams at any time in January or February as long as space remains. To register, just send email to me with the following information:
    • Your name (as you prefer to be addressed).
    • The name of your school.
    • The number of teams you are bringing.

    I will respond with a letter of confirmation stating the fee ($50/team) and the address to which payment can be mailed.

    If you would like to bring more than 8 teams, let me know and I will add your name to a waiting list for any openings that are available after the first stage of registration.

  • Stage 2. In early March, I will contact you to ask for the names of participating students, team name(s), and shirt sizes for you and your students.

  • Why do we ask for the names of your students?. Each student receives a certificate of participation.
  • Are team names required? No. Many participating schools have a tradition of creative team names, but if you are bringing multiple teams and do not care about the names then for purposes of identification I will just use Team-1, Team-2, etc.
  • Do we need to know which students are on which teams? No.
  • What is the proper format for specifying shirt sizes? Please just give me a list specifying the requested number of shirts of each size (S, M, L, XL, XXL). I do not need to know which shirts go to which students and I do not need to distribution of sizes broken down by teams. To be perfectly explicit, here is an example of the proper format for specifying your shirt order:
    S: 3
    M: 5
    L: 6
    XL: 5
    XXL: 2

    Do not forget to include a shirt for yourself in the count.

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