The 22nd Annual
High School Programming Contest

hosted by
Bloomsburg University
Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

Information for Judges

Serving as a judge for our High School Programming Contest is easy — no knowledge of programming is needed. You will be assigned two teams stationed at adjacent tables. Most of the time you will be free to talk with other judges, read, or just relax. When one of your teams believes it has correctly solved a problem, you will record the time in pencil on the team's score sheet and then read aloud a series of test inputs, verifying in each case that the program produces the correct output. If the program fails a test, you simply tell the team that the output is not correct and you erase the time of the solution from their score sheet. The team can continue working on that program or try another. It is important to properly record the time when solutions are completed because teams are ranked for prizes based on the number of problems solved with ties broken by completion time.

That's all there is to it. If a team asks you a question that you cannot answer, just find me and I will deal with it. As a judge, you will receive a professionally designed contest t-shirt and you can wear it to the contest (not required, but most students do it). I will try to deliver your shirt to you before the contest. The event starts at 9 AM and continues until noon in the Kehr Ballroom. Judges arrive by 8:40 for a brief meeting to review procedures and receive team assignments. If you must arrive late or leave early, your help is still needed: just make a note of your constraints in the registration form.

Please click here to register as a judge.