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Bloomsburg University's
Kappa Mu Epsilon (KME) — Pennsylvania Lambda Chapter

The Mathematics Honor Society

The Pennsylvania Lambda chapter of KME at Bloomsburg University has two inductions each year — one during the fall semester and one during the spring semester. If you would like to join KME please contact Dr. William Calhoun or Dr. Eric Kahn for more information.

Brief History of Kappa Mu Epsilon

Kappa Mu Epsilon (KME), National Honor Society, was founded by Emily Kathryn Wyant as a math fraternity for the undergraduate student. Dr. Wyant was a graduate of the University of Missouri and was a member of Pi Mu Epsilon, a fraternity for instructors and advanced graduate students in mathematics. As a professor of math at Northeast Oklahoma State Teachers College in 1930, she worked with L.P. Woods to transform the present math club of the college into a national fraternity.

Dr. Wyant and Professor Woods and 22 other faculty members and students became the charter members of the first KME chapter, Oklahoma Alpha of Northeast Oklahoma State Teachers College, Tahlequah on April 18, 1931. The first officers were: President Pythagoras, Dr. Kathryn Wyant; Vice President Euclid, Professor Ira A. Condit; Secretary Diaphantus, Miss Lorene Davis; Treasurer Newton, Professor LP Woods; and Historian Hypatia, Miss Bethel DeLay. At a later date, the names of specific mathematicians were omitted from the names of the national officers.

Objectives of KME

The four-fold objective of Kappa Mu Epsilon is:
  1. To further the interest of mathematics in those schools which place their primary emphasis on undergraduate programs.
  2. To develop an appreciation of the power and beauty possessed by mathematics, due mainly to its demand for logical and rigorous modes of thought.
  3. To help the undergraduate realize the important role that mathematics has played in the development of the western civilization.
  4. To provide a society for the recognition of outstanding achievement in the study of mathematics on the undergraduate level.


The motto of KME in Greek is A-na-ptus-se-te, tan ek-te-ma-sin too-kal-loos ton ma-tha-ma-ti-kon translated to read, “Develop an appreciation for the beauty of mathematics.”

Local Chapter History (1973)

The local chapter of KME was organized in September 1973. The colony of thirty-one members was officially installed by the National Vice President, Professor James E. Lightner on October 17, 1973. The charter officers were Arthur Klemick, president; Mary Lepley, vice president; Janet Fiora, recording secretary and historian; and Susan Meyer, treasurer. Mr. Joseph Mueller and Dr. James Pomfret were selected as advisor and corresponding secretary, respectively.

Who may be a member?

A member:
  1. Must have completed at least three semesters of the college course ranking in the upper 35% of his/her class.
  2. Must have completed at least three college courses in mathematics including Calculus II and at least one 200 level mathematics course.
  3. Attained an average of B or better in all mathematics courses.
  4. Must have completed at least one semester at Bloomsburg and have completed at least one mathematics course with a B or better at Bloomsburg prior to his/her induction into membership.
  5. Must have an overall QPA of 3.0 or higher.

Election of membership shall be irrespective of membership in any other organization, and no person shall be excluded on the grounds of sex, race, creed or color.

By joining the Pennsylvania Lambda Chapter of KME, you will be receiving national recognition for your excellent performance in mathematics. You will have the opportunity to meet mathematics students from other colleges and universities at KME sponsored conventions and to share your mathematical knowledge with them. You will also be given the opportunity to attend both social and service activities sponsored by our local chapter and, thereby, get to better know your Bloomsburg classmates.